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The Nutshell is a creative collective under the government of Holly-Rose and Hannah-Rose with ODD and SPONTANEOUS tamperings by Logie-Bear; made up of writers, musicians, and artists. Here teacups are rife and insanity is always technicoloured.
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 Omigawd lovage

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PostSubject: Omigawd lovage   Omigawd lovage Icon_minitimeMon 2 Jun 2008 - 4:04

So, ja, I've just read Lolita. OMG. Luvage. Wowzer. It's awesome. <3

Yeah, discuss: Why Nabokov rules the world.
Other authors that rival him in their eternal awesome-ness
Moral ambiguity in literature.

konnichi wa, bitches
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Omigawd lovage
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