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The Nutshell is a creative collective under the government of Holly-Rose and Hannah-Rose with ODD and SPONTANEOUS tamperings by Logie-Bear; made up of writers, musicians, and artists. Here teacups are rife and insanity is always technicoloured.
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PostSubject: Why   Thu 4 Sep 2008 - 11:52

This was written, as one could possibly tell </sarcasm>, in the midst of a bad breakup.

Why are you like this demon that possesses me?
Why are you the words my pen
canít /wonít
translate to the page?
Why are you the window that wonít close?

What did I give to you in exchange for this hold that
YOU have over

Catharsis would be nice, hell.
Iíd take contentment.

I wish I could purge myself of you;
Like a toilet flushing.
A garbage disposal grinding.
An eraser subtracting pencil from a page.
An all-clear button on a calculator.

But you wrote yourself into the sands of my history.
You branded me with your guilt.
You embedded your lies in my skin:
a poisonous splinter of which I canít be rid.
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