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PostSubject: EverGone   EverGone Icon_minitimeThu 25 Sep 2008 - 5:34

I wrote this in Year 12 (2006) for Creative Writing, so be nice, lol. I did manage to get Excellence but still, it's rather old... It was modelled on a dream I had and the ending is cliche', I know I know, but I couldn't think of any other way to put it at the time and I don't want to edit it now. Also, if you don't like fantasy, you should possibly stay away from everything I write, lol


We are bouncing through the forest. Someone is driving. Itís my dad, but heís not my dad. He looks different, but I canít figure out why. Heís wearing a peak cap, long dark pants and matching jacket with a white shirt underneath, made of thick, heavy material. We are riding on a strange motorbike. My sister and I are sitting in a small wooden box that is attached to the back of it. Itís night time- I can see the stars glistening through the tree tops, guiding us on our way. The night is silent, though I can hear the sound of the car as it rumbles along, persistent and comforting. I can hear birds and animals rustling around in the trees, settling down for the night and still we race through the undergrowth, never stopping, crunching leaves under the tyres. The trees seem to lean over to let us through. We are welcome here and we belong.

My sisterÖ sister? Is that her? My sister and I sit in silence, curled up with our arms around our legs, locked in thought. We utter not a single syllable, though we each understand what the other is thinking and why. The burden we carry continually weighs down on our minds, tugging at us always, willing us to go on.

I can see a bright light shining up ahead. This is what we have come for. The car slows down and the engine hums away as we come to a stop. My sister and I look at each other and know this it is time. The air is still and motionless. The forest is waiting, hesitant. Nothing moves as we step out into the night. My dress is long, brown and heavy with time. My long hair is tangled with leaves, flowers and moss, though it does not bother me as these things are now a part of me. My sister is dressed like a young boy, with her hair pulled up in a small cap like our fatherís. A dark waistcoat covers her long, white shirt and her feet are protected by big, black boots that lace up the front. My own feet are bare and I can feel the soft layer of the forest floor underneath my toes, sending energy up to me, filling me with warmth.

The blinding light dims away so that we can see the beautiful creature emitting it. Her sparkling golden ringlets run all the way down her back, shimmering in the moonlight. Her dress looks as though it is made of stars and probably is. She smiles peacefully and opens her arms to welcome us. Nobody says a word as we step into the spiralling void and disappear together.

The wind begins to flow gently through the trees, whistling on its way. The forest relaxes and starts to move again. If you listen closely, you will hear the cry of the black wolf as he howls to the world in hope. The waiting is finally over and the creatures of the wood can live in tranquility once more.
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