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 A note on Interactive Fiction

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PostSubject: A note on Interactive Fiction   A note on Interactive Fiction Icon_minitimeSun 12 Oct 2008 - 9:53

I have created a generic setting and a generic scenario. What makes this different is there are no specifics so far. the specifics are decided as the story plays out from character interaction and the consequences of these. The plot will procedurraly generate itself from these interactions

This is an experimental game being played out with you as the players. The rules are simple.

You create your character, you decide the actions.

-Stay in character at ALL TIMES ON THESE THREADS
-Only say things out of character in a designated thread
-You may say actions but these actions must be feasible within the genre of the text eg Sci-fi would have futuristic technology whereas a whoddunnit would have very little in the way of technology.
-Try to match and then surpass stereotypes of characters within the genre (The hero may later confess that he is gay to the woman who loves him)
-Characters may be killed off HOWEVER this MUST be done within the storyline and can only occur with specific explanation (either prior to or after the event)
-People whose characters are killed off may choose to return as a new character. (This is hard to do within an isolated setting so do be careful pirat )

Have fun poppets!!

Logan Here! Logan there! Logan over there!

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A note on Interactive Fiction
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