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 Petite Slices of a Sensual Adventure

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PostSubject: Petite Slices of a Sensual Adventure   Tue 21 Oct 2008 - 11:07

Melbourne '07. <3

These are unedited and crapola digital photos of fine manual photos on matte, taken from my swanky old manual SLR, macro lens, Marumi R2 52mm filter, Kodak bw400CN and Ilford FP4 ISO 400 film. I had to refrigerate about 30 films at once, hee. These few just happened to be floating around in my PC.

Naturally these look crap because my digital camera is rather shit at close up shots.

Despite the blur, I thought I'd share.

Thumbnails, full view please.

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Petite Slices of a Sensual Adventure
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