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The Nutshell is a creative collective under the government of Holly-Rose and Hannah-Rose with ODD and SPONTANEOUS tamperings by Logie-Bear; made up of writers, musicians, and artists. Here teacups are rife and insanity is always technicoloured.
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Goddess Devine
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PostSubject: Thread. (lol)   Thread. (lol) Icon_minitimeMon 9 Feb 2009 - 5:06

Threading images onto a string
and each blurs into the dusky distance
of the same thing, again.
Stitch after stitch, repeated.
Each one hung in the juxtaposition of words;
each sound that scores the pendulous sky,
moulded against the movement of breezes.

Fence posts in time
mark the distances between
former selves;
hung each with beads that,
in the varying lights,
glint brightly or show dull.
Eyes drawn up the spinal dust line
scratched over the length of a hill-top,
to rattle off with broken purposes
into a reflected pool of sky.

Chunks of blue settle in folds
across the furthest point of vision,
mountaintops there bathing
in disassociation from the clarity of light,
as the eye recedes into itself.

konnichi wa, bitches
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Beloved Squirrel
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PostSubject: Re: Thread. (lol)   Thread. (lol) Icon_minitimeMon 9 Feb 2009 - 5:24

Nice imagery, quite effective

Logan Here! Logan there! Logan over there!

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Thread. (lol)
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