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 My poem I wrote for my friend who was sad

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PostSubject: My poem I wrote for my friend who was sad   Wed 22 Jul 2009 - 10:00

It's not very good and I did it in about three minutes, lol. It was supposed to make her happy. I don't know if it worked Razz If anything, it probably got stolen out of the Bolivian post.


In this endless lifetime,
there is always a surprise on the horizon to share.

A wondrous, glimmering and ever changing, amazing and delirious surprise.

It is crazy, a shining laughter of heat.
Forever alive,
a love of chance where we can believe in the future, and may it be bright.
The soul of life will dare to be best
with her fire rising above her beautiful kiss, in a land
where dreams belong and search
open for happiness that welcomes.

The real give and take but a life lived its best
in hiding is a love that can never be told.

To stay inside may be better, but the other choice is to run and scream
in a world that is so real where people lie
but you can rise above it to do what’s right.

Do not read into this more than simple answers,
For what I wished is better not told.

Memories from above are invincible and will
crush us at any moment.
But the important thing to remember is
I am
I am here
And I am alive.
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My poem I wrote for my friend who was sad
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