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 I have defeated ye! Evil cinema id girl!

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PostSubject: I have defeated ye! Evil cinema id girl!   Sun 20 Sep 2009 - 13:49

Hmmyeah. Finally got round to seeing District 9. It has prawns. And South Africans. Ooh! Ooh! And overobvious symbolism used for fishslap moralising! But I think the fishslapism of the allegorical nature of the film was possibly only so fishslappy to someone who's spent five years in various english classes going OOH! Cruciform imagery! I called it first! >.< *librarycrucifixionzomglol* But yeah. It was shiny. Stuff blew up. There were aliens. YAY!

ALSO: Kind of excited for Dorian Grey movie. Except that I know they're going to kill it. Kill it dead. But oh well. At least this means it gets a fandom! <3<3<3 I mean c'mon, that book was built for fandom. <3

konnichi wa, bitches
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I have defeated ye! Evil cinema id girl!
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