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The Nutshell is a creative collective under the government of Holly-Rose and Hannah-Rose with ODD and SPONTANEOUS tamperings by Logie-Bear; made up of writers, musicians, and artists. Here teacups are rife and insanity is always technicoloured.
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 Colours *grarg*

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Goddess Devine
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PostSubject: Colours *grarg*   Colours *grarg* Icon_minitimeFri 28 Mar 2008 - 9:12

So. I got bored and spewed out this crapulence. I'd post it on TW as well for critiquing, but for some reason it isn't loading properly. Anyways, therefore you can scald your eyes with this. Merry Christmas.


There were no psychedelic colours, no tripping lights, no furniture skipping its merry way past her. Frankly, the lack of colour was most disappointing.

She squeezed her eyes shut, tightly.

‘You really oughtn’t bother.’

The velvet fabric of the armchair grated against her bare back, a patch of dust from deep within the chair’s creases sidled out to tickle her nose. She opened her eyes once more, hopeful, beyond reason.

Nothing. Endless nothing.

No, not endless. In fact, she could see several things, yet they were utterly unimportant to her. Or were they important? But nonetheless her grey eyes slid swiftly over their washed out redness, barely a glance.

Oh, but she had thought there would be colour. Monochrome would have done, so long as it was a colour, rather than this endless grey. Like blue, something peaceful. Something to distract from the darkness.

‘Why are you still sitting in that damn chair?’

Her hands clenched against the velvet.

Apparently insanity was black and white, too.

...But, he's a Buddhist, for Christ's sake!
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In a TeaCup

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PostSubject: Re: Colours *grarg*   Colours *grarg* Icon_minitimeTue 1 Apr 2008 - 5:50

Hmm I like it. Sorry I can't really critique it much more than that, but I don't think it's fair for me to offer "advice" on a style that I can't write at all.
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Colours *grarg*
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