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The Nutshell is a creative collective under the government of Holly-Rose and Hannah-Rose with ODD and SPONTANEOUS tamperings by Logie-Bear; made up of writers, musicians, and artists. Here teacups are rife and insanity is always technicoloured.
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 Hannah's musical meanderings.

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PostSubject: Hannah's musical meanderings.   Sat 1 Mar 2008 - 7:44

A song. Just the one for now, you get no more until I get my new recording software working. Razz

Yes, it's a shitty version, better will come.


Lyrics are as follows:

Counting all the days that
Drift into eternity
Sitting on my own again
Delighting in my melancholy
Every lazy afternoon melts into the others
Into a ball
Of self-indulgent apathy

Who am I to draw the line
What is good and what
Is unimportant

Singing songs like Stormy Weather when
My man and I ainít together
Donít know why, donít know why

Donít know why

Is it something in the air today
That makes a girl feel this way?
Winter days float on by like a summer dream

Hang my words upon line of thought and
Hope it doesnít
Begin to rain today
Wonder when idle thought became a chore
And note the irony

Counting all my thoughts again
That drift into obscurity
This one has a beautiful aesthetic
But without sensibility
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PostSubject: Re: Hannah's musical meanderings.   Fri 7 Mar 2008 - 8:12

I like this song, it's better hearing it rather than reading it though Sad
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Hannah's musical meanderings.
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