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 A poem written whilst under the influence of substances

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PostSubject: A poem written whilst under the influence of substances   Sun 30 Nov 2008 - 9:57

Burnt By Lacking

You left out the front door,

Taking away my hope for salvation,

You didn't know the importance I put on you,

I'd never let you know,

But it hurts to know,

To know it's unrequited,

But for both of us perhaps,

It's a good thing,

You wont have to deal with me,

The pain I seep like blood,

I can slip into numbness and ignorance,

And never feel glee again,

Love is like water,

I am drowning in it's absence,

I'll drink absinth before I accept it,

I drank some last night with a yellow boy,

Perhaps I dont love you at all,

Maybe I only wish to love someone,

I vow I will love anyone,

I am unloved and unloving,

Who am I fooling,

Every noise I hear I pray you make,

Every time I hear a door I look for you,

But you are never there,

You've gone out the back door,

So I'll sit and die,

My heart shall beat in hollow thuds,

And every smile shall only be called by your image,

I love you and I burn without love.


I know it doesn't really have any rhythm at all but I wrote it when not sober so yeah, this is my intoxicated poetry.
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A poem written whilst under the influence of substances
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